whoa, September...

Screen Shot 2012-01-03 at 2.51.43 PM

call it blasphemy, call it getting older, call it a fluke...i dont care, but Im not mourning the loss of Summer, at all. That doesn't mean I didnt enjoy it this year, turns out the season was a pretty great one. But as far as beach bumming, and bbq'ing goes? I ranked extremely low on the scale. Instead, I made music, and that's as fitting an excuse as I can find. Plus, Fall gets me giddy, as though Christmas were a full season's length.  So, no tears will be shed this year. Bring on the crisp air, hot coffee, record shopping & songwriting. Inspiration abound! Having said that, this Labor Day Weekend provides TWO opportunities to see me on Sunday, September 4th:

1. 4pm - LIC Bar's Labor Day Weekend Outdoor Music Fest Trio (matt on drums, Brian on Bass, and myself on spoons) 

2. 9pm  - Rockwood Music Hall - Stage 1 - Acoustic set by candlelight - I'll play some brand new songs!

Let's all wear white pants for the last time, together. It'll be real trendy like.

Oh! and I recorded a cover, and it'll be a FREE DOWNLOAD for Fall, and here's a photo hint at what it'll sound like:

See you soon!