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Matt Sucich is my favorite New York songwriter. There is something quintessentially New York school about him. I love the way he writes, the detail of it and the effortless brilliance of his guitar playing.”

— Adam Duritz, Counting Crows

Working class but not ashamed, a storyteller who finds clever ways to say things, a man of ethics but someone who is willing to explore empathy from every angle. There aren’t a lot of people making music like Matt Sucich right now.
— Katie Mullins, Underwater Sunshine

‘Over My Head” has a calm yet whimsical feel with clever lyrics that will put a smile to your face every time you pick up on a new line you didn’t hear before.
— The Wild Honey Pie
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Sucich brings you into a more authentic, intimate world.
— The Wild Honey Pie
Sucich’s sound has always risen above the hallmarks of Americana and roots music because it’s authenticity is palpable...
— Chris Pizzolo, Play Too Much

Equal parts Lord Huron, Paul Simon and M. Ward, Sucich establishes his own voice on the playful, island flavored, ‘The Lonely Dreamer.’
— Bruce Warren, WXPN-FM

His skillful lyricism is ushered forth by a blanket of sound that features the clanging guitars of early country-influenced rock (think The Byrds.)
— Sheva Kafai, The Wild Honey Pie

Matt Sucich strikes a balance between light-hearted, straightforward humor and profound, evocative lyrics.
— Pam Segura - Pancakes & Whiskey

What appear at first glance to be simple love songs quickly reveal a Wilco- and Iron & Wine-like depth (and desperation).
— Andy Langer, Esquire Magazine

Layers is both delicate and daring. Some of the strongest tracks are the most heartbreaking. When Sucich sings, the music becomes a part of your life.
— Ryan Spaulding, RSL Blog // The Outlaw Roadshow