The songs of “Thousand Dollar Dinners” are blurry visions of just-misses in happiness, success, love, acceptance, and fulfillment unlike any I have heard in some time. And while his melodiously languid deliveries harken Paul Simon, it is in the storytelling, the passing on of lyrical density that makes listening deeper to Matt Sucich so rewarding.
— The Aquarian Weekly
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Matt Sucich is my favorite New York songwriter. There is something quintessentially New York school about him. I love the way he writes, the detail of it and the effortless brilliance of his guitar playing.”

— Adam Duritz, Counting Crows


Working class but not ashamed, a storyteller who finds clever ways to say things, a man of ethics but someone who is willing to explore empathy from every angle. There aren’t a lot of people making music like Matt Sucich right now.
— Katie Mullins, Underwater Sunshine


‘Over My Head” has a calm yet whimsical feel with clever lyrics that will put a smile to your face every time you pick up on a new line you didn’t hear before.
— The Wild Honey Pie
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Sucich brings you into a more authentic, intimate world.
— The Wild Honey Pie
Sucich’s sound has always risen above the hallmarks of Americana and roots music because it’s authenticity is palpable...
— Chris Pizzolo, Play Too Much

Equal parts Lord Huron, Paul Simon and M. Ward, Sucich establishes his own voice on the playful, island flavored, ‘The Lonely Dreamer.’
— Bruce Warren, WXPN-FM

His skillful lyricism is ushered forth by a blanket of sound that features the clanging guitars of early country-influenced rock (think The Byrds.)
— Sheva Kafai, The Wild Honey Pie

Matt Sucich strikes a balance between light-hearted, straightforward humor and profound, evocative lyrics.
— Pam Segura - Pancakes & Whiskey

What appear at first glance to be simple love songs quickly reveal a Wilco- and Iron & Wine-like depth (and desperation).
— Andy Langer, Esquire Magazine

Layers is both delicate and daring. Some of the strongest tracks are the most heartbreaking. When Sucich sings, the music becomes a part of your life.
— Ryan Spaulding, RSL Blog // The Outlaw Roadshow